To Lease Equipment Or Not

The Excellent Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

Improved finance for your company
Banks sometimes make it hard to borrow money and often need to see at least three years’ worth of finance records before lending to borrowers. Leasing companies are better because they can approve a lease for office equipment such as photocopier leasing with less than a year of financials. This is brilliant for small businesses because usually their cashflow and records are limited.Office-Photo-Copier lease delivery

Better flow of cash flow
Leasing office equipment means you have the equipment and products almost instantly and the arrangement does not dent your finances too badly. Leasing is also superb for companies who don’t have a huge disposable budget. Everyone needs quality products so their business can provide excellent goods and services for customers. Big deposits don’t need to be paid, instead you simply start a monthly or quarterly payment plan. This helps spread the equipment costs over a manageable period.

Why Pay Everything Upfront!!!

Use the latest technology
Equipment dates quickly, the latest models are always appearing on the market with better facilities. Imagine having to continually upgrade machinery to keep with technological demands. With leasing your computers, printers, photocopiers, monitors, phone systems can be bang on track with the latest features and upgrades. It’s a techno war out there, always be one step ahead of the competition.

Avoid Unnecessary Taxes

Tax efficient Benefits
Everyone hates tax, after all it’s one of the two certainties in life. 100% tax relief is available on all rentals payable. That sounds good to us, it is good for all business.

Zero additional cost
Printer goes wrong its sorted by us, phones on the fritz we reconnect your team. We don’t mean we pay for your paper and ink etc but the rest is covered. So, get on with business. Make lots of money and enjoy the benefits.

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